Professional Carpet Cleaning Cardiff & South Wales

CCS Services are pleased to offer a carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning to their portfolio of cleaning expertise. Available to both commercial and domestic customers we offer an unrivalled cleaning service for the deepest of cleans. Many of our customers are repeat customers. They’ve been coming back to us time and time again, very happy with the service we’ve been providing. We have even written a popular guide about cleaning carpets correctly, so rest assured your definitely in the best hands.

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

When you pick the right company to do your carpet cleaning, you will save money and prolong the life of your carpet. Using the wrong cleaning products can result in damaging the carpet fibres, and leave a nasty white film after the carpets dry. This is a case of using the wrong PH solutions on the wrong carpets. Different types of carpet fibers require a different cleaning methods believe it or not. Watch out for cheap rates that look too good to be true or special offers that end up scamming you. There are tons of carpet cleaning companies out there looking to take advantage of you by doing sub-par work, such as leaving your carpets wet, using cheap cleaning solutions.  You get what you pay for. You want to put some thought into choosing a professional carpet cleaning company. Choose a company that utilizes on the very best equipment, is covered by insurance and has staff that’s fully qualified and experienced. In conjunction with our sister company Vale Carpet Cleaning we are leading the way in carpet and floor cleaning.

Accredited & Insured Cleaners

All of our cleaning specialists have been trained by the IICRC which is an approved Carpet Cleaning and restoration association we are required to maintain high standards of quality and customer service. Our team members are up to date with the carpet cleaning industry.

Cleaner, Fresher Healthier Carpets

When we clean carpets, we leave you with a carpet that looks great, smell fresh and feels dry. We’ll even back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We recommend an annual clean on most carpets, if you have very young children and/or pets we recommend every six months minimum.

Our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection- We start by carefully examining your carpets, looking closely at the kind of fibre it has and the carpet’s construction to determine what type of cleaner needs to be used. We also note any stains that need to be cleaned up.

  • Moving Furniture – Our full service package includes moving all furniture (non heavy or valuable items) that will be in the way as we clean.

  • Vacuuming- Then we get rid of any dry dirt and other particles with a powerful vacuum cleaner

  • Spot Treatment and Pre-Spray- We apply a conditioning agent that breaks up any soil and clumped particles for easier removal. We also treat all stains with the best cleaning solution for each one.

  • Agitating the Carpet- Once the conditioner has soaked into the carpet and been allowed to set for a while, we agitate the carpet using a specialized machine. This will allow us to extract the dirt and other particles more easily.

  • Extraction- Then, we use a steam cleaner that’s as hot as 225° F. This dual-purpose machine draws out both water and soil without over-wetting the carpet.

  • Post-Spot Treatment- Once we have finished all that, there may still be some spots and stains that need attention. We’ll deal with these stubborn stains with some additional treatment to make sure they go away.

  • Carpet Grooming- We then groom the carpet, which lifts up the carpet pile and helps it to dry quicker. It’s also makes your carpet look sensational.

  • Drying- If there is any excess moisture left behind, we will make a second pass with our extraction machine.

  • Inspection- We finish with a last examination of the carpet. We will make sure that it is as clean as possible and walk with you to make certain you are happy with the final result. At this point, if you requested it, we will apply a Scotchguard protection. This adds life to your carpet and makes it easier to keep stains off in the future.

Free Quotes With No Hidden Extras

All quotes are free. We have the best carpet cleaning service in the area, and we stand behind the work we do, so we feel confident about offering free, no-obligation quotes to all potential customers. Contact us today to find out more about the great services we have to offer you.

There are many reasons to call upon us when you’re in need of reliable professional cleaning service in the Vale of Glamorgan and South Wales.