Soft Wash & K Render Cleaning South Wales

Algae, moss, dirt and grime can build up significantly over time if not treated. Not only can it cause damp and damage to the facades of you building but it looks unsightly. Our render cleaning treatments totally eradicate algae. As an optional extra we can also treat the areas with a biocide which will provide a long lasting cleaning protection for a up to 3 years.

Without doubt soft wash also known as softwashing cleaning is the most effective cleaning solution which does not cause abrasions or damage render and stone. CCS render cleaning in South Wales can clean any type of render and stone including K-rend, Weber, Pebbledash and Monocouche types of render. In addition we can provide high level access render cleans and multi storey blocks of flats.

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    Superior Render Cleaning Products

    The expert render cleaning services brought to you by CCS have a wealth of experience in render cleaning methods and that is why we won’t ever do or recommend that you do any of the following:

    • We do not use or recommend the use of high-pressure water washing systems for cleaning render because it can damage and even break up the render on your building.
    • NO Damaging Chemicals or bleach is used in our render cleaning processes to ensure that we are fully compliant with environmental compliance and our methods are also gentle to the render itself.
    • We will NEVER advise building owners or managers to apply paint or other sealing materials to render because this can cause permanent and lasting damage to it.


    Experienced Reputable Render Cleaning Team in Cardiff

    Here at Complete Cleaning Services (CCS) we are passionate about obtaining the outstanding results that have gained us our solid reputation for attention to detail and customer care. Nothing pleases our render cleaning teams more than seeing the sparkling clean render that restores our client’s buildings to their original rendered look.

    Our render cleaning Cardiff and South Wales services are delivered promptly and carried out expediently to ensure that we cause the minimum amount of disruption to our clients and those close by. We make this happen through the use of a tried and tested procedure as follows:

    • A thorough and in-depth appraisal of the condition and cleaning requirements of your render
    • Removal of any build-up of moss, algae and debris as far as possible without harsh cleaning chemicals
    • We minimise render damage through pressure steam cleaning rather than high-pressure water
    • All render cleaning work is carried out without any business disruption
    • A total transformation of the render on your building restoring original colour and appearance
    • All of the above is achieved at the most cost-effective prices in the industry

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    8 Reasons to Choose Our Render Cleaning  Services

    Render has been around a long time and thanks to the development of modern products and improved application techniques it has become one of the most used forms of finish on all types of buildings. Although render stays looking good for much longer these days it still benefits from regular render cleaning and that is where the expert team here at CCS render cleaning Cardiff come into the picture.

    Anyone can wade in with a pressure washer and achieve a noticeable result on a building’s rendered surfaces but there is a great deal more involves in doing the job right. Preparation is crucial to achieving stunning and lasting results which is why we always carry out a render cleaning and protective process that achieves the following:

    1. Cleaning works to remove all ugly green algae, moss, and other debris
    2. Leaves your render looking like new
    3. Our cleaners remove surface and ingrained pollutants such as algae and moss from the render.
    4. Facilitates on-going protection against the corrosive effects of moss.
    5. Works to prevent further issues arising from damp.
    6. Cleaning Safecontractor Approved.
    7. Cleaners prevent the further growth of moss without sealing and allows the render to “breathe ”
    8. Unbeatable BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, we will BEAT any like for like quote.


    Rejuvenate Your Building & Stone

    Thanks to the ravages of the UK’s weather render doesn’t stay looking clean forever and buildings soon start to take on a dark and dingy appearance. Our specialist render cleaning services provide a facelift for buildings that leaves them looking like new again. We don’t just transform the appearance of your rendered building, our methods and treatments will also keep them mould –free and looking fresher for longer.

    Monocouche & Specialised Render Cleaning

    While some misinformed building owners may be tempted to trust the cleaning of their render to local building services or contractors, CCS appreciates that render cleaning is a highly specialised industry. We have made a substantial investment in the correct equipment, staff training, and quality assurance accreditation, to ensure the job is done right.

    Building contractors and exterior decorators may often attempt to rectify shoddy looking render by carrying out the unnecessary remedial repair. You should, therefore, never entrust render cleaning to anyone other than the experts. CCS are the render cleaning experts for Cardiff and the whole of South Wales so call us today to book your free render clean test.

    FREE Render Cleaning Test Clean

    Being based in Cardiff enables us to service our customers all across the South Wales region and that includes providing a FREE sample render test clean. That is how confident we are that you will be more than satisfied with the standard of our render cleaning services. We are prepared to travel to your location and show you the results that we are able to achieve first hand, absolutely free of charge!