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Render looking dirty. Have black, green, yellow or red marks on your render? This is very common, caused by algae growthWe have been working in local residents of Tonypandy for many years. Those years of expertise allow us to handle any form of render or stone cleaning requirement. We wash stone, render & stone work, of domestic and commercial properties in Tonypandy. Our company render cleaning philosophy has always been about being straightforward with our clientele and supplying them the very best render cleaning service possible at a competitive costing.

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We make certain that we speak with our clients at each step of the service to ensure our render cleaning and cost are completely clear with no hidden extras. We guarantee that all of our support staff are fully insured for the render cleaning services they provide. In addition they wear professional uniforms marked by our company’s branding and logo. Here are the gutter cleaning solutions that we offer.

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Your offices or home render are one of the most important parts in your property. They’re designed to safeguard your brickwork, from potential water damage. Not only does Algae seem horrible it can also contribute to dampness in the home.

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  • Fully Accredited & Insured
  • Best Prices Guaranteed
  • Safe Cleaning, No Deterioration to Stone or Render

We Soft Wash, Pebble Dash, Weber, K Rend & Monocouche Renders

Using Softwash we clean all kinds of render including silicone based. Using this method of cleaning is safe and effective and brings render back to it’s original best. Our specialists can also clean fronts, signs, cladding and walls of restaurants, shops, warehouses, schools, resorts, office high rise and more.

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